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Originality, Manufacture and Condition of our Vintage Blinds and Signs

In my role as a conservationist and picture framer there are not many days that go past without entering into a conversation regarding originality and authenticity especially relating if value is also introduced. And the same question is now often asked with regard to our collection of Transport memorabilia. 

The authenticity and originality of Bus Blinds and Underground Signs is very much an Interesting concept, especially since I believe that these wonderful and iconic printed destinations have a delightful aesthetic value as well as their more obvious talking point.

Many early signs were manufactured using a crude silk-screen printing by process which by its very nature created individual nuances to every blind. The odd splash of paint here and there, a thumb print or a missing bit of lettering... all this adds to their appeal.

So I feel that London Bus Blinds honest answer is to circumnavigate the tempting philosophical debate and reassure our customers by saying that every item we sell from this site has been faithfully collected with the knowledge that it was printed at the dates we state for the Transport System... most were used and show a good deal of milage, some never entered service and although printed in the sixties they look pristine.

And here lies is our conundrum:

"What is the condition of the blind?"

The answer is never easy. But here is a customer reactions on receiving a Special Bus Sign after previously purchasing a very well worn Destination Sign from the mid 1980s. 

"Framed sign arrived safely today and looks very nice. However, it looks much more pristine than I was imagining for a 1960's sign. The others I have had from you showed quite a bit of age to them. Is this a reproduction of a sign?"

Kind Regards

"Framed sign arrived safely today and looks very nice. However, it looks much more damaged than I was imagining for a 1980's sign. The others I have had from you were quite perfect and unmarked. Is this a faulty sign?"

Kind Regards

London Bus Blinds do not deal in reproductions. And we are proud of our business and our integrity towards what customers believe they are buying into. I recently came across a seller who digitally prints full rolls of bus destination blinds - even routes that did not originally exist - he then puts this newly printed blind on his own original routemaster bus, takes the bus and the blind on a day outing and then offers his 'Bus Blinds' as having come from an 'original Routemaster Bus'. Original bus and blind being more than a little murky!

London Bus Blinds do not deal in reproductions. You get a little bit of original London Transport history from our company.

Here is a gem of a link to how BUS DESTINATION BLINDS were manufactured using the screen printing method onto paper and then backed with Dutch Linen. Sadly there is a 15 second advert to endure on the British Pathé web site. -> Watch Video



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